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New cooperation partner for emarpo

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Managing Director David Johnen of emarpo GmbH with MedienPrintPartner e.G. and Druckfisch GmbH & Co. KG during cooperation talks in Berlin

Stronger together!

MedienPrintPartner e.G., Druckfisch GmbH & Co. KG and emarpo GmbH have been operating under this maxim in the print and media industry for years, bringing added value to their members, customers and partners by contributing valuable experience, extensive market knowledge and strong networks. Historically created and grown on different foundations, these “ventures” combine esprit and competences for the implementation of process- and user-oriented solutions.

A logical conclusion, then, that after a phase of getting to know each other and working together for the first time, the three would like to go down many paths together in the future. The aim of this cooperation is to exploit synergies and achieve more together than would be possible for each of them alone.

The IT consulting company emarpo GmbH from Cologne has many years of experience in the field of e-procurement in media production.

Managing Director David Johnen on the cooperation:

“Together with our customers, we place their store or portal solutions. In addition, emarpo delivers pragmatic solutions for purchasing, marketing and sales up to customer contact at the point of sale. We advise independently, analyze, implement and develop new strategies and products together with those involved in the process. We want to give this strength to the MPP’s members and the print fish and make it possible for everyone to simplify the customer’s purchasing process and thereby drive higher sales.”

Jens Wahren, Board of Management, MedienPrintPartner e.G.:

“What the individual cannot do, many can,” said F. Raiffeisen, one of the founding fathers of the public-spirited cooperative idea. This saying is the basis of MedienPrintPartner eG, a cooperative network of entrepreneurs in the print and media industry. The cooperation will enable us to further expand our offering for digital sales via stores. The goal is to enable EVERYONE to tap into this distribution market.

Susanne Reid, Business Developer Druckfisch GmbH:

“For me, the added value of this cooperation is clearly the bundling of strengths and know-how and thus the ability to respond precisely and quickly to the diverse needs of customers and members. It is my heart’s desire that everyone in the print and media industry has access not only to the right tools for online sales and process optimization, but also to fully comprehensive and honest support for sustainable selection and implementation.”