Platforms are our profession. We implement yours.

Implementation for print shops and agencies

The future is digital. We are building the way there.

Implementierung für Druckereien und Agenturen

Set up concept

We build the software solution – according to your requirements and goals.

Set up webshop

We set up your platform as a white label, after which the CI/CD is set up.

Take care of orders

After implementation, your customers can control their order themselves.

Make customers happy

With a complete
e-Procurement, you can perform all Web2Print tasks, including warehousing and procurement.

Step by step to full service

We take over the
IT project from start to finish

Our consulting services include not only vendor-neutral advice and selection of the appropriate solution, but also implementation. We accompany every step of the process – and never leave you alone from the initial discussion to the release of the finished system. This way, you have the expertise at your fingertips at all times.

  • Together we clarify the requirements for a functioning system
  • We analyze the status quo and define which software types are required
  • During the development of the procurement platform we take over all tasks
  • We act as supporting experts at your side during negotiations
  • All procurement and fulfillment services are integrated into the system
  • Even after acceptance, we maintain and expand the platform at your request

We advise you on the design of the specifications from a technical and organizational perspective. We are happy to integrate the complete underlying fulfillment into the administration of the portal. The framework you set determines the procedures that are followed 100 percent of the time.

Shop Lösungen für Druckereien
Von IT Consulting bis Fulfillment

Thinking from the goal

They meet all customer requirements.

You will be happy to receive customer inquiries that include warehousing and shipping

You have all the resources to integrate procurement and logistics

You recommend yourself to your customers not just as a print shop, but as a problem solver

You generate added value and thus generate additional revenue

You retain your regular customers and develop the business with them further

You strengthen your competitive position and secure your business in the long term

An end to sneaker management

Workflow - error-free and complete

We first established our activities in the printing industry and therefore have extensive knowledge of the problems and deep solution expertise. In particular, the incorporation of new services and the corresponding interface management take job fulfillment to a new level: we replace the times when people literally run back and forth between printing lines with a uniformly designed workflow model that integrates printing and lettershop and links them with delivery, storage and feeding. Customers’ systems are connected directly.

Companies that trust us

Print connection is the key to success

emarpo helps both large suppliers and small and medium-sized print shops to control their orders and fulfill them seamlessly. By setting up platforms for our print shop customers, we have opened up additional business that was often already available in the form of inquiries but could not be covered by our own resources.

Automatisierte Shop Lösungen für Druckereien

We have also proven ourselves in large and complex projects with several affiliated print shops and fulfillment service providers. For example, we work with several industry leaders who distribute large volumes to printers and manufacturers, logistics companies and distribution services.

The long-term, trusting cooperation has already proven itself and solidified in this area.

Official partner we are for the companies:

What our customers often want to know

In the printing industry, the pressure to compete and perform is high – many suppliers know that automation and workflow are the key levers for productivity and thus future success. In advance we would like to answer some exemplary questions.

We set up a portal according to your requirements, analyzing your customer structure, typical requests and own resources. Once you have decided on an overall solution, we implement it for you. To do this, we use the software that best suits your solution and budget. We do this by working within your organization so that you can access our expertise directly and we can thoroughly prepare and train your staff. We also stay by your side when you engage partners and put our implementation experience at the service of your project.

We analyze all components of existing software solutions in detail and take over everything that can be handled in a target-oriented way. It is important to us that all participants can use the portal comfortably and without errors. Against this background, we regularly succeed in integrating existing systems.

We take over this task. We have standard interfaces to all common eProcurement and MIS systems. For the implementation, we rely on a large network of partners from the media production industry. In addition to the automated procurement process, we also cover individual purchases, which we secure via a market check using online costing tools.

The entire media production purchasing process operates centrally via a system in which the approval processes are regulated on a person-, price- and product-specific basis. In the closed customer portal, user views are organized by roles and authorities. The entire fulfillment area, including warehouse and shipping logistics, can be integrated into the system, and the processes are automated.

Of course, this is just a matter of integrating your customers and partners. We create the prerequisites for this through the architecture of the portal – and actively support you in the placement process with the help of project and product managers. Your customers should see the benefits for themselves at first glance. We take care of the actual connection directly with your partners.

Since we regularly work with all systems of the current market leaders, we can provide neutral and manufacturer-independent information on which of them fit your requirements. We explain possible solutions comparatively and against the background of your operational possibilities. We clarify possible extensions and modifications for special tasks in advance with our programmers and give you exact information about the expenses.

In the medium term, there will probably be no way around automated, software-based processes. Some of our customers are already feeling concrete pressure from their customers to meet expectations, while others are tackling the conversion of their processes as part of a planned reengineering. In principle, a portal solution can also be introduced during ongoing operations and step by step.

From printer to enabler

Perfect printing is the starting point. Perfect service the goal.