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Full market power through better procurement

Optimize beats shorten

Maintain impact - reduce costs.

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At the beginning is your measure. There are always partners who can implement them.

Select service provider

We will help you choose reliable companies that operate at fair prices.

Plan processing

According to your specifications, the partners become active – at predefined conditions.

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Inspire your target group with unusual campaigns and reliable implementation.

Secure the supply side

Surprise instead of being surprised

Anyone who wants to reliably plan and implement their marketing campaigns is well advised to protect themselves against contingencies: Delivery bottlenecks and price increases, delays and service shortcomings are the enemy of a holistic customer approach. We bring order and reliability to procurement and supply processes:

  • We structure your marketing activities according to quantity, time and staggering
  • For new ways we determine the need for specialized service providers
  • The selection of suitable partners lays the foundation for annual planning
  • We agree on fixed conditions and service levels with the fulfillment side
  • Performance clauses ensure the fulfillment of your additional needs, such as for campaigns
  • Contingent planning ensures long-term cooperation

To maintain maximum agility, trusting relationships with the supply side are helpful. This is helped by long-term ties in which basic needs create security for you as well as for your service providers. On this basis, even spontaneous actions, selective campaigns and short-term measures can be reliably planned. Because cooperation at eye level increases the willingness to make special efforts – at calculable costs.

marketingaktivitäten und medienproduktion
Beschaffungs- und Lieferprozesse mit emarpo
Marketing für Druckereien

We design the processes entirely according to your operational requirements. Therefore, we do not have any minimum volumes or minimum standards in the organization. We can also address everyday print productions, orders for advertising technology and advertising materials or large format with pinpoint accuracy, because we have reliable and proven partners on hand for every product. So you can also address individual, situation-related orders to us.

Combining forces, saving costs

You can feel reliability in your balance sheet.

You optimize your purchasing via coordinated prices and quantities

Risks such as renegotiations, price increases and defaults are minimized

You retain great flexibility in campaign planning

All physical handling remains the responsibility of the supply side

Long-term cooperation reduces your procurement costs

Integration into your internal processes is smoothly possible

Use resources wisely

Caring costs.
Focus it on the customers.

He who cares succeeds – that’s an old marketing adage. Taking care of the procurement side, on the other hand, consumes valuable internal resources that only indirectly benefit your customers. In this respect, you are the customer, and he should not have to worry. Structured and at the same time flexible purchasing on a reliable basis closes construction sites where they promise no added value. Unleash your own customer site instead – we’ll help you do it: with campaign ideas whose implementation we’ve already secured with fulfillment partners. This way, you use your potential where you really get ahead.

Einkauf zentralisieren

Companies that trust us

It is never too late for a good purchase

We support customers both in the conversion of their purchasing to automated processes and in the implementation of individual marketing campaigns. For example, we coordinate print jobs for a number of industrial customers, banks and insurance companies, taking care of processing, contact and delivery. In some cases, our clients have already set up their own stores and commission us to cover the delivery side – this can start with providing business cards for field sales teams. The packaging of parcel inserts, for example with vouchers for e-commerce providers, has also been part of our activities.

At the same time, we are reliable partners in campaign planning. For our customer Eintracht Frankfurt, for example, we designed and filled high-quality boxes with advertising materials as part of a campaign for business partners and had them sent out together with an appropriate cover letter. In such projects, we are happy to accompany our customers from the brainstorming stage through partner selection to complete execution.

automatisierte marketing prozesse

What our customers often want to know

Because purchasing involves high capital costs, this is a sensitive area for our customers. You may already be asking yourself questions similar to theirs. Together we find the solution for this – and implement it.

We bundle all external partners into a single system. In this, they are given access to all products for which an agreement has previously been concluded. Payment processing is handled by a predefined contact person, who thus retains a complete overview of all services. This makes individual queries the absolute exception.

Our solution is a closed customer portal in which access rights are firmly defined. We prevent unauthorized access from outside by means of high-performance and secure IT security management, while inside we regulate access and authorizations by assigning roles.

We start on several fronts: First, we support you in recording the actual requirements if they have not yet been fully planned. Based on this volume, we search for production partners that fully cover the service and compare the offer prices. When negotiating prices, we support you with industry-related information, because we often know the suppliers from the inside. Services and quality levels are firmly linked to prices. In a further step, we set up the budget limits and releases for the demand drivers so that the order volume remains under control.

The entire media production purchasing process operates centrally via a system in which the approval processes are regulated on a person-, price- and product-specific basis. In the closed customer portal, user views are organized by roles and authorities. The entire fulfillment area, including warehouse and shipping logistics, can be integrated into the system, and the processes are automated.

We support you in optimizing purchasing processes with proven IT solutions. A Digital Assessment Management (DAM) manages your media, a Product Information Management (PIM) ensures that the right information about your products is correctly assigned in a media-neutral way. This makes electronic product catalogs possible. As a result, your company’s internal processes tend to become more centralized, streamlined, electronic and autonomous; manual routines are eliminated.

Centralized and automated eProcurement does not have to come at the expense of flexibility – on the contrary: the agreed prices and quantities can be applied as needed. Additional actions initiated at short notice are possible on the basis of contractual agreements if appropriate quotas are taken into account. If additional providers need to be integrated for this purpose, we also provide support here in selecting and integrating the service providers. This is how you get your Time to Market.

eProcurement creates freedom

With optimized purchasing, your market site becomes stronger.