Portal and store solutions

They make the specifications.
The store controls.

When your portal becomes a caretaker

Sit back,
Check status,

Intelligente Shop Lösungen von emarpo

Set goals

What do you want to achieve? Your planning is the foundation for automated success.

Accelerate processes

The ordering, production and delivery processes are standardized and save valuable time.

Increase motivation

Your demand drivers order themselves and get to work immediately. This allows them to focus their passion.

Celebrate successes

Purr-fect processes, efficient market presence: This is how you lay the foundation for more sales and satisfied customers.

Error-free routines through system intelligence

Delegate what technology can do better than people.

Companies that distribute tasks in such a way that they are implemented in the best possible way are more successful on the market. This also includes using technical possibilities in such a way that people can concentrate on their actual skills. People can lead, they can sell, they can convince. Routines do machines better and faster. Automated processes only need your instructions:

  • What items are provided and how are they designed?
  • On what terms and in what quantities should they be procured?
  • What authorizations do the demand agents have to order them?

We advise you on the design of the specifications from a technical and organizational perspective. We are happy to integrate the complete underlying fulfillment into the administration of the portal. The framework you set determines the procedures that are followed 100 percent of the time.

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Standardisierte Bestell-, Produktions- und Lieferprozesse

What a store solution takes over

The best value creation happens in the background.

We manage and maintain the portal and connect it to your IT

We implement your specifications for articles in stock, their design and quantities

We set up the roles and permissions of the users and demanders

We design the degrees of freedom in ordering

We set all conditions centrally

We take care of the order processes, production and fulfillment on request

Overview instead of rework

As you can see, you see only the essentials.

Our solutions are built to make it as easy as possible for management and orderers to work with them. Anyone who orders simply enters their requirements into the portal and is then supplied. At the management level, the specifications are formulated – and subsequently monitored. To do this, we provide you with reports and status overviews in real time. Everything behind it is automated. We see the functionality of the system as our task – gladly also up to the integration of the complete supply side.

Shop-Lösung für Großkonzerne und Mittelständler

Companies that trust us

One store solution for many

Since our founding, we have worked for large corporations and medium-sized companies, for well-known brands and hidden champions . We develop customized solutions for area sales organizations, for chain stores or franchise companies.

Banks and insurance companies rely on our expertise, as do car dealerships and industrial customers. We have provided full-service solutions for the following customers, among others:

What our customers often want to know

You may recognize your topics: Here we have compiled the challenges our customers have dealt with.

The centrality here is primarily at the data level. Once all data can be mapped and processed centrally in one system, the actual warehousing and provisioning is a task you can outsource. The solution in this case is a closed customer portal with a link to an e-procurement system.

In principle, all tasks that can be standardized are suitable for automation. We speak of routines: The process for completing the task is defined and always executed in the same way. Not only can an IT system do this faster than a human, but it also completes the task without errors. Specifically, these include all order initiations, the distribution of purchase orders to service providers, the monitoring of roles and authorizations, releases and all reporting. But a system can also handle customer mailings quickly and easily: addressees are determined via list upload – and printing, packaging and dispatch are triggered automatically.

Process automation always takes place within the framework of what is intended by the company. The system performs only standard tasks that have been previously defined. In all cases, a store solution leads to more rather than less control, because the processes are always carried out in the same way and the systems generate evaluations directly from the data stock. Status queries and reporting are possible at any time – and inform you more accurately than any human.

Basically, everything you deposit on the platform can be mapped on the portal. These include image databases, product databases, text modules and design specifications. Every campaign you organize can be stored on the platform in its entirety, so that you can always get knowledge about what information has gone to which customers.

An e-procurement that is well integrated into the system includes not only the exact performance, prices, quantities and deadlines, but also more complex specifications such as design requirements. If you centralize the purchase of your items via the platform, defined templates ensure that the production service provider has all relevant information and files at his disposal. In the case of printing services, an easy-to-implement tool takes over the Web2Print solution.

When you integrate fulfillment into the platform, you automatically trigger actions with pre-defined partners. They take care of production and logistics so that an order is processed from your perspective without any further intervention. Components of fulfillment include, for example, printing, packaging and distribution of promotional letters, production, CD-compatible design and stocking of promotional items, storage and delivery of promo material or even entire trade show booths.

The beauty of a store system is that the sales department has all relevant documents clearly available and can view them. At the same time, the sales force is always aware of ongoing campaigns and useful product bundles. What they can see, they are usually allowed to order – within their authority and budget clearances. With just a few steps, teams immediately get what they need to work.

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