We automate your success

Purchasing, marketing, sales:
efficient, digital and reliable

Stumbling blocks become milestones

So together we pave
your way to the customer

Your sales force orders itself - and gets what it needs

Branches, franchisees, sales representatives receive the right material at a fixed price.

Everything is always in stock - because it replenishes itself

Suppliers, printers, advertising material manufacturers deliver what is needed to the point

As ordered, so delivered - 100% in your design

Your external image remains consistent, because all items are manufactured by fixed partners.

You always have the numbers - with automatic reports

Keep track of quantities, costs and usage.

All act according to your specifications - because the webshops leads them gently

With roles and rights, budget lines and approvals, you have full control at all times.

Who orders,
gets by - from any location

User-friendly interfaces, mobile availability and multilingualism are standard.

Webshop solutions

Everything you need. With fixed partners and conditions.

A webshop system from emarpo facilitates the work of your marketing, sales and promotion teams in every respect: We set up a user-friendly portal with all the items that are needed – and that you have approved for use.

We also fully map the underlying delivery and storage processes, because we include all suppliers, service providers, print shops and logistics providers. All prices and conditions are stored in the system and orders are firmly regulated.

shop loesungen automatisiert

We procure everything your teams need on site - in your branding

We build the order platform as an open or closed webshop

We take over existing stores and optimize the architecture

We define functioning processes, authorizations and releases

Your stores, franchisees or field service teams order online, assemble items within defined frames, receive materials quickly and securely. This means you are always ready to act – and ideally equipped for your actual task: Generate sales.

Store Management

You build yourself?
Let's make the complicated simple.

For print shops and agencies, we take care of setting up e-procurement and Web2Print solutions. As a neutral and manufacturer-independent service provider, we select the system that suits your business and advise you on features and costs.

We also become active for you in the implementation, take over the IT connections and implement the project – up to the implementation on site and the onboarding at the printer.

Procurement Partner

Getting the market excited is more about brains than money.

Customers appreciate meaningful and high-quality information – printed materials, promotional items, mailings and media of all kinds. The costs for this can be controlled, calculated and firmly planned. Our job is to optimize the supply side so that your planning remains stable – even when the unexpected occurs.

Einkauf, Marketing und Vertrieb automatisieren

We take over the purchasing for print and media products on request

We provide all materials reliably and on demand

We determine the best prices and implement long-term contractual relationships

In this way, you can be sure that even in the event of tight deadlines, surprising additional requirements and new conditions, the conditions remain secure and the services remain at a convincing price-performance ratio.

Three good reasons for emarpo

Centralization and automation ensure error-free, efficient and controllable performance.

Error free -
so that the overall impression is always right

There is only one way to order – and it is firmly defined. Your partners get exactly what they need for their job from manufacturers you can trust.

Efficient -
because time is money and money is scarce

All services are provided quickly, completely, reliably and at centrally defined prices and conditions. Your teams can be creative in sales instead of having to be in procurement.

Controllable -
and thus always close to your goals

Each change in your specifications is made only once, by you. The system does the rest. This way you reduce control effort and loss of information.

Where we are active

Those who digitize processes automate success.

Our services are always in demand where companies need a multi-stage process to supply decentralized units centrally. This applies in particular to chain stores, franchises, distribution service providers and dealers. Among others, we work for nationwide organized craft enterprises, car dealerships, banks and insurance companies, for the manufacturing industry, postal and telecommunication providers.

The solutions cover a broad spectrum: for example, we provide business cards for sales representatives in stores, support PR and marketing campaigns, help provide package inserts, or manage stocks of giveaways and brochures.

We achieve the complete digitization and automation of marketing, sales and purchasing processes via stores and portals that are connected to all relevant systems in our customers’ IT landscape.

This makes it possible to integrate warehouse and shipping logistics as well as invoice processing, cost center posting, packaging and production control. In this way, our customers not only ensure results, but can also reliably evaluate them strategically by comparing them with mean inputs.

In 3 steps to success

You have a goal. We have the means.


We clarify needs and objectives

Wherever the acute need lies: The more precisely we know what you want to achieve, the better the results. Therefore, we take a lot of time for the inventory.


Setting up portals, interfaces, rules and processes is one side of the coin. It is important to us that the architecture of our solution fits your company and its employees exactly. Therefore, we analyze your purchasing, marketing and sales processes in detail beforehand.


After our IT specialists have implemented the project, your solution is ready for use. We accompany them beyond the go-live and remain your contact for all day-to-day questions, for maintenance, troubleshooting and expansion.