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emarpo is a holistic provider for the digitalization, automation and centralization of purchasing, marketing and sales processes. Customers from the print and media sector, industry, retail, and the service sector benefit from faster and more efficient procurement and distribution processes, thus improving their ability to act on the market, the controllability of their activities, and their cost structure.

The company was founded in 2020 by David Johnen
founded As the owner, he is your direct and personal contact. It relies on a broad and reliable network of IT specialists, programmers, process designers and producers, who are selected individually for each project. Prior to founding the company, he worked in the print and media industry for 10 years and has 15 years of experience in store management.

David Johnen is himself a trained printer and completed his Master of Media Management in 2015. He began his career in management at the family-owned company Johnen Druck, where he built a digital platform for procurement, order management and fulfillment. From this practice, he decided to found emarpo as a full-service provider. Since then, the company has earned the trust of well-known customers from various industries.

David Johnen is a member of the Initiative Online Print (IOP) and in the Media Production Association, f:mp for short. Furthermore he is a member of the
Marketing Club Cologne-Bonn
. Through interdisciplinary solution approaches, emarpo wants to play its part in facilitating companies’ entry into the digitalized age and developing long-term solutions for market activities.

Mission: Efficiency. Vision: Holism.

Why emarpo works for you

Efficient marketing - four times "Win
for the market

We at emarpo are convinced that marketing is the most important task of every company. Only when customers buy with conviction is success assured. For us, this means: We align companies with the market and free those working in marketing, sales and procurement from things that get in the way of their actual tasks. Everyone benefits from this: your company, your employees, your service providers and, above all, your customers.

Professional implementation - four times "Win
for entrepreneurs

The solution lies in supporting all processes and operations in procurement, communication and sales - with a single, central, digital system. Software-based platforms automate standard processes, make media available on the dot, accelerate processes and reduce effort. In this way, we relieve the burden on your teams and create additional freedom to act in line with the market.

Meaningful activities - four times "Win
for employees

With an automated solution, we keep your employees free for higher value activities: They are spared a number of unproductive routines, there are no problems with responsibilities and budget issues, motivation is strengthened, and teams have more time left for their actual job.

Strategic support - four times "Win
for the future

As a result, the optimization of central processes gives you the ability to act in important business dimensions. You will increase your sales potential by enriching your range of products and services, and at the same time you will be able to exploit it better with a more productive and speedy approach to the market. Your company increases employee retention and also becomes more attractive to new professionals - who you can hire more easily due to a better cost structure.

Your personal contact

David Johnen, founder and owner

Davon Johnen von emarpo

At emarpo, we are more than a start-up: customers from all industries already rely on platforms and store systems that we have implemented for them. We take an agile approach to the holistic optimization of purchasing, marketing and sales processes and implement the custom-fit solution with project management for which we bring together the most suitable experts.

Our approach is as pragmatic as it is customer-oriented. We develop the architecture in close cooperation with you, your customers and suppliers, so that the finished solution meets your requirements in every respect. In doing so, we take the entire value chain into account.

All activities converge with me as your personal project manager. I remain your contact person at all times and support you directly in your organization. Together, we create the foundations for lasting corporate success.

I am looking forward to our cooperation! I will be happy to personally take time for you and your project.

Best regards

unterschrift johnen

David Johnen

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